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Welcome to Sudan Information Hub

Thank you for visiting Sudan Information Hub. The first and only website where you can find out everything you will need to know, or want to ask about Sudan, all in one place. We have tried to make our menus as simple as possible but there is a lot of information so please take your time and enjoy your time here.

We are trying to build up and update our information on a regular basis, so please feel free to let us know if there missing things that you would like to see, or if you have any feedback or comments via email (info@sudanhub.com), or check out our contact us page.


Sudan Hub Group Team

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12 thoughts on “a) Home

  1. Mohaned Yousif

    I congratulate you on a beautiful design that represents the Sudanese civilization
    I’m really impressed with the slogan
    Bridging the Gap – Discovering Sudanese Identity

  2. Thank you very much mohaned. We really apprciate your kind words. :D this is a community website for all of us. any suggestions on how we can make it better are very much appreciated :D

  3. Excellent design —- Proud to be !!!!!

  4. Hassan

    good stuff.. keep it coming :)

  5. Heba

    I am proud to be one of Sudan Hub Group , greetings from Cairo to Sudan :)) best of luck for Sudan Hub Team.

  6. Homam

    great job Sudan Hub Team. keep it up

  7. Thanks heba and homam, anything you guys dont like, and feel will ,make the website better please let us know :D

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks for sharing about your vastly beautiful and largely untapped in terms of potential. Your country is so vast in terms of culture and geography that I can hardly claim to even begin to understand it.

  9. My pleasure mosrubn, and I am glad you like the website :D Yes im still trying to learn it for myself let alone understand it

  10. Thank you so much for posting my blog on your site!!! http://heartofsouthsudan.com

  11. Nice and we will make Sudan look better through our writting

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